One pedal at a time:

We know that is there is hardly any motivation to leave the warmth of your living room to take on the harsh South African winter on your bicycle. No need to panic though, Viva Gym has provided you with some quick insights on how you can still keep your fitness at its peak during the colder months.

Forget the past, look to the future

You might feel that it’s going to take long to get back to your best time yet, but there is no need to fear. Even if you’ve let yourself slip off the pace, there is no need to dwell on the past, your mind must be strongly focussed on the future.

New goals for the new you

It is vitally important to have goals that you have set out in front of your own eyes. Make sure that they are both realistic and challenging so that you will be able to achieve them if you really work hard.

The more wheels on the road, the better

It isn’t easy to motivate yourself, going for a long cycle by yourself early in the morning can be a daunting task. Grab a friend who is also interested in taking on the road/spinning bike with you, it will benefit you both in the long run to be working together through the highs and lows of your training schedules.

Plan and be strict about it

Get yourself a calendar and plan when you are going to put the pedal to the metal. Having your training routines planned out will make sure that your life stays balanced out and you are not compromising work or your social life for your training. Don’t miss these planned sessions.

Your destiny is in your own hands

Regardless of anything in life, whether you fail or succeed in your cycling goals is completely up to you, so back yourself and go for it! If you want to keep things indoors, check out our cycling timetables at one of our gyms.


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