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Zumba, Cardio Dance or Prancercise… we are only kidding about the Prancercise, but we’ve got the rest covered! These dance classes are so much fun, you’ll sweat your way through an hour of cardio without even noticing it. It’s all about getting your endorphins pumping so you can leave every class feeling great. All our classes are lead by certified instructors so you’ll be in good hands.

Is dancing for me?


Well yes, unless you’re living in the town from Footloose, in which case you might have some difficulty. On the real though, anybody is welcome to join our dance classes, no matter what your fitness level. You choose how hard you go. So don’t worry if you start a little unsure of what the movements are, you can work your way up to the more advanced moves.

At Viva Gym we work hard to create a safe space for self-expression, so with these happy vibes, it’s difficult to feel self-conscious. You don’t have to be Mikhail Baryshnikov to have a good time and honestly if you don’t get all the movements right, who cares? Well, the instructor might if it looks like you are en route to injuring yourself, but that’s very unlikely with these joint- and muscle-friendly classes.

Which class should I choose?


Life would be boring if we all liked the same things, which is why we’ve got two options. You are not limited to one though, if it works with your schedule, why not join us for both Zumba and Cardio Dance?


Duration: 60 Minutes
Venue: Studio
Times: At least once a week, depending on your Viva Gym

You’ve most likely definitely heard of Zumba, it’s been around since the 90s, but has gained a huge following in recent years. People love it and with good reason. This Latin-and African-inspired dance is most definitely not boring and provides a way for people of all fitness levels to dance their way to better health.

WARNING: Zumba is highly influenced by Latin and African dance, so there WILL be “sexy” hip gyrations, rhythms and movements that forms part of the routines.

You can burn up to 500 calories in an hour session, but this also depends on how much you exert yourself. The more you go the better you’ll get and the more you can get out of your workout.

Cardio Dance

Duration: 60 Minutes
Venue: Studio
Times: At least once a week, depending on your gym

Cardio dance takes elements from a number of different dances to create the ultimate routine designed to burn, burn and burn calories! However, it’s about so much more than that. Cardio Dance, just like Zumba also allows you to express yourself artistically.

If you find traditional cardio on the treadmill or bike boring, then Cardio Dance is a good option. The energy and atmosphere produced by these classes will have you powering through a pretty intense cardio routine without even realising it. You only go as hard as you feel you can, which makes it perfect for people of all fitness levels.



The only equipment you’ll be using is your body to help you shake that booty! We do recommend that you bring a towel and a water bottle – staying hydrated is important. Sometimes Dance Cardio may require the use of free weights, but this will be supplied by the gym and your instructor will tell you exactly when to you use what.

What to wear


Nothing special, you can just join the classes in your gym clothes, but if you own dance sneakers or trainers you are welcome to wear them. The less you are inhibited by your clothes and free to enjoy the movements, the better!

When are the classes

You can view the timetables for the different clubs here to see when you can join the next dance class. Depending on the gym you are a member of, either classes will be available at least once a week at no additional cost.


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