We’re all about fit, less so about the frills and want to make all Viva members feel at home.

Having no pool, sauna or creche means less things you have to pay for! We offer a wide range of classes, highly professional personal trainers and all our gyms are kitted with world-class equipment.

As a member, you’re spoilt for choice with equipment and our aim is to create a truly inspired and inspiring workout space for everyone. Oh and let’s not forget free WiFi and parking, because it’s as essential as breathing for any modern adult.


No dinosaurs here! We don’t skimp on the important stuff so you’ll have your choice of the latest the world of indoor training has to offer. You can read more about our world-class equipment here.


Listen, we know you need space… Space for making that piping hot bod happen, which is why we have a large functional training area with the equipment to go with it. We even offer classes.


All gyms have stylish changing rooms available to you and lounges if you need a place to chill after a hectic workout.