Brought to South Africa from Europe, the Viva Gym concept offers something that this country has been missing: a gym with high quality, world-class equipment at an affordable rate. We believe that everybody should be striving to be fit and healthy, and to do this we have made it as convenient and affordable for you as possible.

So we have cut out unnecessary extras that drive up monthly fees at existing gyms, like swimming pools and steam rooms – who needs ’em anyways? Instead we decided to focus on providing a modern, energetic and innovative exercise experience that will appeal to all.

Our Team goal is to create happy and healthy communities. Through our teams around the country, we aim to not only create this experience inside our gyms, but we’re also committed to getting involved and play our part by sharing our expertise in the local communities around us. Follow us on social media to see how we do this, and drop us a line if there is something you believe we can add value to.


Let us help you, help yourself! We empower members to be able to help themselves on our unique Viva Live! platform, so that you have more options available in your online Members Area than we do! You can manage your membership, refer friends (and earn credits – you could even gym for free!), view your […]


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