If you are ready to push your limits, build strength and boost fitness you’ve come to the right place! Bootcamp is the ultimate in military-style interval fitness, combining weight training and cardio together in a calorie-cutting hour of hell and ecstasy. It’s hard, but heavens to Betsy, you WILL feel the difference, which is why it’s a Viva Gym favourite.

What do you do during a Bootcamp workout at Viva?

What exercises you’ll do will depend on the type of boot camp class you join at your gym. There are two types, Bootcamp (duh) and Functional.


This workout is suitable for all fitness levels. It won’t be all peaches and cream, but ultimately the workout is designed to allow you to control how hard you push yourself, so don‘t worry if you aren’t Olympics-fit (yet).

Each class will consist of a warm-up and a cool-down, but the meat of the workout will be made up of push-ups, pull-ups lunges, crunches, drills and sprints. Similar to something like spinning, these classes are a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), so bursts of intense activity will be spaced out by lighter activity. This is great for burning calories and ultimately weight loss, without booting away your muscle gains.


Here, boot camp meets functional fitness to help improve your ability to perform everyday equipment. You can read more about the hardware here.  Because it’s boot camp, these classes will have a combination of strength training and weight training exercises that can be performed in the functional training area.

What are the benefits of a Viva Bootcamp workout?

You’re going to SWEAT so something good must be happening, right? Well if you are after a full-body workout that builds both strength and endurance, you’ll enjoy the other benefits offered:

  • A more varied workout that really challenges you
  • New friends, as you’ll have a whole group of allies powering through it with you
  • You will learn just how much you are actually capable of
  • Helps you prep you for a big challenge like the Impi Challenge or Iron Man.

How do I know if it’s for me?

If you don’t have any pre-existing condition that you are aware of, prohibiting you from taking part in exercise, then you should be just fine. It might sound like a disclaimer, but you should always consult your doctor before embarking on any exercise programme. That said, anybody can take part in these classes, because ultimately you choose how intense your workout is.

Are you going to absolutely love every second of it? Eh, maybe you’re a sucker for punishment and you like that hurts-so-good feeling. Or maybe you just want to push yourself through a blinking great workout, either way, you should give it a go.  

When do the classes take place?

There is no better place to check out how these classes fit in with your schedule than in our official timetable. Don’t forget that if you are a Viva Gym member,  you can join any class at no additional cost. See you there this week you little glutton for punishment!