The seasons are changing; days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. It’s the time of year when it is almost impossible to get out of bed for work, let alone get up earlier for gym. In light of this, Viva Gym’s experts have provided our members with a few simple adjustments that will help you keep on track with your training schedules during these colder months, because like it or not – Winter is coming.

Tip 1 – Join a class

Joining a class at your local gym will enhance your winter gymming experience and motivate you to get out of the bed in the morning. Classes are fun and hard work – the perfect combination to beat away the cold.

Tip 2 – Buddy up!

Find a friend, work colleague or family member to train with in the winter. The two of you will encourage each other to not let the other down by missing sessions.

Tip 3 – Schedule correctly

Plan your workouts for the month or the week beforehand, so that you know what your goals are before you start out. Having it in writing makes the session a commitment, which you are less likely to skip out on or have other plans at the times you want to work out.

Tip 4 – Try something new

Whether it’s a new class or a new section of the gym you haven’t tried before, mixing things up will keep you excited for gym and give you the extra kick-start you need to leave the warm couch for the gym.

Tip 5 – Cut yourself some slack

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment and depression this winter. Set reasonable goals and be forgiving.


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  • Eunice - April 20, 2016

    Thank you for the newsletter and great advice and tips, glad to be part of the family

  • Boitumelo - April 20, 2016

    Hi im a member at the Oakdene gym and love attending classes. Can we have the daily 17:30pm classes also in the morning 7am.
    There a lot of us that would love to attend before our our daily hustle(work) each morning. the instructors are on point especially the Step and Kickboxing instructor. Please please can he do 7am classes.

  • Carmen Katz - May 27, 2017

    Glad you love our classes, Boitumelo! The safest bet in this case is to direct your query to our Facebook pages or directly to your club manager.

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