D-day is fast approaching, and all the bridal battles may have left you feeling decidedly more Bridezilla than Princess Grace. Wedding stress can turn even the most level-headed Earth mother into a loaded cannon ready to explode at a moment’s notice (most often at a confused groom who is sure he proposed to a far more chilled chick just a little while ago).

It isn’t your fault you’re on the verge of going nuclear – you’ll likely be spinning from the endless decisions from whom to invite… and who they’ll sit next to… and what they’d like to eat… and which colours and styles would suit your diverse group of bridesmaid… and which tie to pick out for the groomsmen… and who’s doing speeches… and what’s on the open bar… and should there be tequila… and… and… and can you maybe have a shot of it right now?

Exercise is a proven remedy to stress, so do yourself a favour and join Viva gym today – work out like a Beast so you can look, and feel, like Beauty on the big day.

Bridal Boot Camp:

Get motivated for your wedding workout by joining one of our classes – from Boot camp to Zumba. To check out the wide range we have on offer at your closest Viva gym, check out our timetables. You could try a bonding experience with your bridesmaids, with free passes available. Getting moving is the first step in your training to become the best bride you can be.


HIIT It Hard:

In between cake tastings and dress fittings, you might be looking for quicker methods to drop a dress size (or fit into the one you’ve already bought that is looking snugger due to all those cake tastings). High-intensity-interval-training helps burn up to 44% more calories than regular cardio exercise, and it keeps on burning them long after you’ve hit home. For more detailed advice on how to get the benefits of HIIT, as well as other exercise and diet plans designed for brides, take a look at some of these great tips.

Multi-ple Manoeuvres:

Another quicker method of building lean tissue and driving your metabolism is multi-muscle exercises that target several groups at the same time. Rather than a regular squat, step it up to a squat with shoulder press. A lunge alone is good, but amp it up by adding a bicep curl to make it even better. Or target the whole body by adding Bear Crawls, Lateral Crawls and Crab Walks into your normal routine.


Hard-Core Hottie:

The core is the centre of all power and beauty, and research has shown that improved posture not only makes you look up to 5kg slimmer, but also boosts mood, confidence and attractiveness – all important elements of feeling good as all eyes are on you down that aisle.
To help you stand up straight, soldier, instead of endless sit-ups, harden your core by doing crunches on a stability ball. Our Pilates and Yoga classes also
target core strength, or get some new ideas by checking out the Flat Belly Workout or 6-minute Abs of Steel videos over here.

You Have The Right To Bare Arms:

Whether your gown is strapless or capped sleeve, ballgown or mermaid tail, almost every bride will be showing some skin on her biceps, triceps and shoulders. Working out this area is a must if you want to look leaner on the day, and there are a number of exercises that work well to tone up this area. Two sets on the assisted pull-up machine two or three times a week will make a difference to your shoulders, where triceps kick-backs with dumbbells will target that flappy arm fat.

Good, old fashioned, military push-ups also do wonders in sculpting your biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper back – for interesting variations, check out how to do the Dive Bomber, the Total-Body Burner and others. For more workouts for your specific style of dress, have a look here.


Drop and give me twenty:

Drop sets can help refine your muscles quickly, as well as giving that needed endorphin boost as you push your body to its limits. Lift weights at 80% of what you’re physically capable of for as many reps as you can until your muscles are too fatigued to go on. Then rest for a while, before dropping some of the weight and repeating. Adding in this drop weight exercise once a week creates more definition as the muscles that promote lean muscle growth are stressed and activated.

At Ease, Ladies:

In the two weeks before the wedding, it’s a good idea to swap out the higher intensity cardio activities for low-intensity-steady-state (LISS) workouts, such as long walks and cycling, as they last thing you want is to be too exhausted or cramp up in the middle of your vows. Put resistance low as you pedal for forty-five minutes. This lower intensity me-time can also give you the headspace to plan your way around the most recent disaster, whether it’s the latest suggestion from your mother-in-law or a florist phoning as all the orchids in the city are suddenly out-of-stock or your décor lady having lost your napkin preference.

If your afternoons are too packed with all the minutia that go into the start of marriage, make mornings your workout time – there is evidence that those who go to gym in the morning have far more successful and sustained exercises habits than those who wait until after a long day, and trying to fit in 30 minutes in a “fasted state” before breakfast can have even more fitness and health benefits. It may also be the time to take up that yoga class if you haven’t before (see our timetables for a time that suits you), as stretches like cat-and-cow and the Cobra release muscular tension while toning, and by now you’re probably within spitting distance of striking out.

You have been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl, and a military mindset might be needed to turn those dreams into reality, as that corset isn’t going to lace itself. But you don’t have to work at it alone, with Viva’s highly trained staff to help you become the best bride you can be. Also encourage your soon-to-be hubby to join you in feeding a better habit. Marriage is a lifelong partnership, and you can get started on being each other’s cheerleaders and support by joining up together, as the couple that trains together truly makes for happily ever after!


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