Looking to keep those fitness resolutions? Our team of Viva Gym Experts have pulled together some tips on not giving up on your resolutions one month after making them, but in actual fact, finding a way to make them become a reality.

Tip 1 – Mix it up

The beginning of the year usually leads to crowded gyms as everybody seems to have the same idea of getting back into fitness as you. Don’t let this frustrate you, take this opportunity to mix up your routine and try different exercises so that you can get the most out of each session that you are doing.

Tip 2 – Externalise your rewards

You’re making the effort to chase your fitness goals, so don’t be afraid to reward yourself – go out and buy yourself some new gym clothing and equipment. You’re about to start feeling really good, why not treat yourself to looking good at the same time?

Tip 3 – Use the advice at your disposal

Whether this is your first venture into the gym or you’re returning after the festive break, it sometimes takes a li time to get into the groove. Get yourself a personal trainer maybe for the first couple weeks that you’re going to be working out. It is the perfect way to not only make sure you’re doing the right exercises but to keep you motivated when fatigue starts setting in.

Tip 4 – Take on a 6 Week Challenge

Viva Gym is now offering Free Training Programmes which allow you to choose your goal and your intensity. Download one of these programmes and get started right away, what a pleasure to be following a specifically worked programme to help you reach your goals and watch how your progress much quicker than expected!

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  • Jolie - August 13, 2017

    Great Tips shared by you on gym resolution. Every time we take only resolutions, you shared a great tips Thanks for this

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