A new fitness sensation that is sweeping the globe and that is available at every Viva Gym is the Battle Ropes. Commonly misconstrued for purely sailing training, the Battle Ropes are a must-use piece of gym equipment for all those looking to pack on lean mass. Don’t be intimidated by this form of gym routine, and to help you get started right away, here are some tips on what to apply when using them:

1 – Try out all directions

When using the Battle Ropes, there is no right away to move the ropes, so don’t just go with the traditional up and down. Move your arms in different directions, move them in circular patterns or move them from side to side… doing different motions will work different muscle sets and get the most out of your workout.

2 – Center your workout around the Battle Ropes

Most people will use the ropes to work out specific muscle sets, such as biceps and triceps, then moving on to other weights or machines to finish their work out. A quicker, more focused workout with the ropes can work out all the muscles you’re looking to train, and by extending the time that your muscles are under tension will help you build strength and lose that fat picked up over the festive season.

3 – Challenge yourself

It is important to challenge yourself when working out on the Battle Ropes. Adjust the slack so that you are really challenged to complete the set, perhaps do alternative sets where two minutes you’re closer to the anchor point (increases intensity) and one minute farther away from the anchor (active recovery).

So now that you have all the tools to get started, get down to Viva Gym and try out the Battle Ropes as soon as possible!


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