Soccer is one of the most popular sports in our country, and most people don’t know how important it is to condition your body right and do the right type of training to make sure you are the best soccer player you can possibly be. So in light of that, we have pulled together a quick summary of what you should be training before the season and in-season to make sure you’re the best you can possibly be this year.


The off season is your chance to really get into shape and fine tune your body to really turn heads come first kickoff of the season. You’re weekly gym programme for this time should include two strength-training days and a speed/power day. All that is in addition to your athletic training out on the field. On the field you should be working on agility and sprint work, as well as endurance. Mix it up, general fitness is vitally important, but short sprints are just as important as agility over short distances can really improve all elements of your game.

During the season:

Whilst the season is running, you should reduce your workload significantly as you will now have team practices and match days. Try still have one strength workout and one speed/power workout per week. It is important to keep these types of training going throughout the season so you can continue to build your body into the perfect fit for all things soccer.


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