So, you have your routine down and looking for a little *more* in your workout? Group classes are a fun way to make exercise feel like less of a chore… but what if they are a little too much fun and a little weird? Yes, you read that right. Friends,  we have found the weirdest workouts that the internet has to offer from The Stiletto Workout to Doga, we have it all.

Up in the air

Is finding a gym class a bit up in the air for you at the moment? Well, lucky for you it literally can be aerial workouts are here and you don’t need to join the circus either. 

Anti-gravity yoga:

The brainchild of a choreographer and a broadway star has resulted in yoga, in the air…in a silk hammock and is pure Pure instagram gold.

Aerial arts classes:

For the more daring, like Cirque du Soleil but for normal people.

Fitness Fandango

Ah. dancing, graceful, sexy.. Or strange. Some fitness class trends have taken the dancing thing to the next level

Thriller class:

So. Michael Jackson had that song, Thriller? Well, now you can learn to do your own MJ tribute and when this track plays at this years Halloween gig you will be able to do more than just Thriller arms.

Beyonce walk:

Nevermind the moon walk, now you can emulate the gait of the Queen Bey herself. Yes. seriously


A combination cardio and strength class with ‘constant simulated drumming‘  complete with scary sounding ‘ripsticks’ instead of glowsticks.

The Stiletto workout:

Don’t worry! If you wanted to wear heels at the gym, you could always do the stiletto gym class! Ditch your trainers and grab a pair of these…

Hoola hooping:

Ah, the hoola hoop. An iconic part of your childhood. Now you can embrace your inner kiddo and become an adult ‘hooper’.


Yep. like a baby or a cat stalking its prey. Original Fitness, the champion of this fitness trend suggests that crawling is like “pressing reset” on your central nervous system and revisiting the mobility patterns you learned as a baby

Just try spinning…

Spinning is like a cycle tour, but inside. And it’s definitely not a ride in the park. If that isn’t enough. You could try new spinning trends:


It’s kind of like spinning, but for the upper body. The krankcycle is like a bike, but for your arms. If you don’t like leg day, then this is the workout for you.


Also referred to as “hydroburn”. Yikes. This class entails spinning in water.

Cycling karaoke:

This is fitness multitasking at its best. Work your legs and your vocal chords in this more intense (is that even possible) spin class. Our track recommendation is “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor


Yoga. The number one way to find your joy. Nowadays though, there are many different kinds of yoga for maximum zen that are not in the air…

Beer yoga:

Or rather spiritual boozing If you have an open mind and a love of beer, this is for you! Founder, Jhula writes “We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.” Highlights of the class include “beer salutations” and balancing a beer bottle on ones head.

Normal yoga, naked:

If you think that yoga pants are revealing, think again! One of the latest fitness trends is yoga in the nude, nekkers, nada. Apparently it’s not new, with its origins in the 8th century BC. A group of Yogis wanted to reject all material objects which includes clothes. Today though it’s more about free movement and improving self esteem.

Animal yoga… Doga:

Normal yoga… But with your dog. Grab your pooch (or borrow one) and with the power of yoga bond with your four legged friend while doing yoga. Also, too weird to not include in this definitive list is Goat yoga – By now you might be thinking that yoga trends could not get weirder, but they can. Because yoga with goats.

What even you ask? Well, goat yoga really takes you back to nature and decreases stress and anxiety. And goats jumping on you doesn’t hurt and is surprisingly zen according to Glamour magazine.


From WhatsApp to your yoga studio. Emoji yoga is here changing the “face” of the yoga scene (get it!?). Started by Londoner Charlotte Bell, who has crafted  each position inspired by your favourite emoticons. We wonder what the crying-with-laughter pose looks like? 

Gym classes that don’t want labels

Just like millenials, there are some things that defy classification (ehm… reason) The top 3 gym classes stand alone in the weird olympics.

Zombie apocalypse training:

Everybody knows, when it comes to the zombie apocalypse the two most important rules are 1) cardio and 2) double tap. Now you can train for it in real life by learning how to drop to avoid gunfire, “chainsaw won’t start” pulls and how to climb a fence. All in one workout, we say nothing wrong with being prepared!

Cat exercise:

We all love cats. And what would be better than using your cat as a training tool?, 9nothing duh!) Well, it’;s  2018 and you can. Just basically do any exercise that you want and add your cat: check out this handy instructional video.

Drumroll please… Napcercise:

Do you wish you could sleep and lose weight? Then Napcercise is the gym class for you. David Lloyd gyms in the UK offer a… unique approach to exercise. Napping for 45 minutes. You won’t find any treadmills here, just cushy comfy beds with zen sleep-inducing tunes which is scientifically proven to “reinvigorate the mind, improve moods and even burn the odd calorie,”

Well. That happened. From the interesting to the obscure, some of these classes left us scratching our heads. What we do know for sure is that group gym classes are good for you. Building confidence, camaraderie and motivation. While it is fun to wear your heels to gym or bond with your puppy over a yoga mat… but maybe not everyday. There’s a lot to choose from and sometimes you just want to go spinning, or you have no idea what you are looking for…We can help you with that!  At Viva Gym, we made a tool just for you to find classes online, without all the extra stilettos and dogs!. Simple. Affordable and fun.


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