Recently we chatted with Fabian from Viva Gym Walmer. Hear what he had to say when we did a Q&A with him:


“Hello, I’m Fabian, the Fitness Manager at Viva Gym SA Walmer. People would describe me as a funny guy, always trying to put a smile on someone’s face or a laugh in their voice. I enjoy being around people who have the same passion about fitness as I do, even though not everybody enjoys training, I try my best to make the workouts fun.”

Fabian isn’t just the Fitness Manager at Viva Gym Walmer but also teaches group exercise. Let’s find out more:

Les Mills Grit. As a Les Mills Instructor we believe in changing the lives of those that want to be helped. To push their limits and see what the members are capable of achieving.”


Why do you love teaching Les Mills?

“Not only does Les Mills build relationships with one another, but it builds a relationship within ourselves by growing to be a better instructor and leader. I quote “You have the ability to change lives and create a fitter, happier world” – Catherine – Les Mills Instructor.”


Who can do Les Mills?

Les Mills is for anybody and everybody.”


What do you like about group training?

“The fact that the program changes every 90 days makes the classes interesting and that grabs new to old members attention all over again! Despite the bond that develops within the class, I like that there are different variations of Les Mils to choose from and grow into.”


Favourite after class snack?



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