The New Year has started and 2016 promises to be one of the best years yet. So the holidays are over now and to start the year off, we at Viva Gym are going to share some insight on how to fulfil those New Year’s fitness resolutions that are so hard to keep up with after the first two weeks of January.

  1. Put your goals within your reach – resolutions are hard enough to follow through with as they are, don’t put them completely out of reach by setting the bar too high. Set short targets for yourself to reach and then slowly but surely work your way through them, and in doing so before you know it you will have completed more than you think!
  2. Keep a schedule – We know what you’re thinking, but schedules do actually work, we’re not saying get out a weekly timetable and start highlighting blocks different colours. All you need to do is right a list of the sessions you want to do per month and tick them off, by doing so if you miss one you can always make it up before going to the next.
  3. Keep things fresh – There is nothing that kills your enthusiasm towards going to gym more than having the same old routine every session. Keep things interesting! Take a class, try a different machine, try out a new feature of the gym… spicing things up will change your perception towards gymming for the better.
  4. Answer to no one but yourself – There is no person who is going to make you rise to the challenge properly than yourself. It needs to be you that motivates and drives yourself to complete your goals, because in the end, it’s all on you.

There are a few quick and easy tips to consider as you move through the first month of the year. Good luck with your resolutions and we’ll see you at the gym!


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