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Are you a virgin when it comes to spinning classes? Well here’s what to expect from Viva Gym… We know winter training is tough, especially outside, so what’s stopping you from training indoors then?

Wait for it, here comes the sales pitch…

Our spinning classes are high-intensity (obviously), motivating (“I said pedal faster!”) and time-efficient       (a solid 45min whew). It’ll give you a great cardio workout in a warm environment, all while having fun.

At Viva we have two options

Live Cycle – Warning, high intensity ahead! This is a group exercise class that simulates hill-climbing, sprints, and races.

It will keep you fit and is a great way to burn calories and get rid of that extra weight. Our world-class instructors and great choice in music, make this a fun way to get your cardio workout and keep motivated. Check when the next class is on.

Virtual Cycle – Because this is 2017 babe. It’s a moderate intensity workout (but still packs plenty of punch), where you experience a virtual version of the live cycle while in front of a big screen.

Choose to enjoy a scenic route or have an international virtual instructor taking you through the motions of a world-class training session. Go try it out!

“When in doubt pedal it out”

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Here are the moves if you’re a noob

  1. Being seated flat is good for your endurance building
  2. The standing climb challenges your balance and core stability (therefore training these areas) as well as building strength
  3. Jumping or moving smoothly from a seated to standing position and back again. This challenges your coordination, balance and core stability while spinning.

Body benefits – The good science

  • Endorphin rush (aka happy hormones) – better mood, better sleep
  • Strong back and core – spinning strengthens your torso
  • Toned butt and quads – cyclists have great legs
  • Burn fat – average 500cal per 45min
  • Flexible joints – high intensity, low impact (keeps your joints well-oiled)
  • Improved circulation, digestion and lung capacity, whoa! – shake up your system
  • Healthy heart – cuts down your risk of heart disease
  • Build immune defence – help fight infection
  • Glowing skin – yip, sweating it up helps reverse aging effects
  • Better sex (we saved the best for last) – improved stamina…need we say more

Spinning etiquette – “Don’t be a jerk”

Indoor cycling is a group activity and unless you’re riding an indoor trainer in the comfort of your own living room or are tucked away in the corner of a gym, you need to respect the people you share a class with.

Don’t be a jerk. These ‘Jerk-y’ things include:

  1. Bringing your cell phone into class (worse so if it’s on or you decide halfway through class, you really need to send a WhatsApp!).
  2. Coming into class late and being super disruptive while doing so.
  3. Talking in the middle of a class (especially when your instructor is speaking).
  4. Not maintaining your personal hygiene (seriously though, you’d be surprised).

Everyone deserves to enjoy the spin class and get the most out of their workout, so be respectful while you pedal. ?

“While you were sleeping I was spinning”

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Top tips for starting out

  1. Wear your cycling shorts because chaffing.
  2. Always take water to class and drink at least 1 litre per 45-minute session.
  3. Work on a smooth pedal stroke, use resistance that really feels like the road outside (if you’re a cyclist), whether it’s a flat road or a climb.
  4. Pedal at your preferred outdoor cadence (the rate at which you are turning the pedals).
  5. Train with a heart rate monitor to ensure you have an effective workout tailored to meet your own goals.

What are you waiting for? Escape the cold and get sweaty with one of the Viva Gym spin classes.

It’s a really addictive way to start your day – sorry not sorry.


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  • Marelize Bosman - January 17, 2018

    I am interested in joining the spinning class. I am not a member. How do I get to join and how much will it cost?

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