Self-Massage Tools

The great thing about these tools is that they are relatively cheap, they’re durable and you can pick up various types of them pretty much anywhere. They provide relief for tight muscles and knots, and can be used to loosen you up before a work out or cool your muscles down after a hard training session.

Fitness watch/heart rate monitor

Do yourself a favour and pick up one of the latest pieces of fitness technology that is out there and available to you. Whether it’s one of the new watches that track all your progress, or just a simple heart rate monitor, seeing your progress and tracking how many calories you are burning during your workouts can help motivate you and keep tabs on what routines are better than others.

Personal Trainer

Those first couple months of the year are the hardest to get back into the gym and get back into your routine. Help yourself out my spending a bit more money on getting yourself a personal trainer. Your trainer will be able to show you the best methods for your training schedule, as well as motivate you to go to the gym and push yourself as far as you can actually go.

The right supplements

We’re not saying go out and buy yourself all the latest powders and potions that all promise to make you a body builder in a week, but a product like L-Glutamine can really help you with post-workout pains. Your body is depleted of amino acids during your workout that are vital for your body to run healthily. L-Glutamine gives you a much-needed restoration of these amino acids, making sure you’re not in too much pain after tough workouts.

Let us know what fitness investments you have made that worked out for you, and good luck with your training sessions this week!


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