It’s not exactly ground-breaking news, exercise and music go together like Jack & Jill, Netflix  chill, Monica & Bill, failed brakes, going down a hill. Things took a dark turn, and we digress.  We’ve done a ton of research and it turns out music and exercise work together, not just because it feels lekker, but also because science.

We’re not going to go all Sheldon Cooper on you, but here are some fascinating studies on the effects music has on our brains and how that affects us physically.  A study published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology found that basketball players who struggled with maintaining their big match temperament, significantly improved their free-throw stats when listening to uptempo beats and positive lyrics. The study used Monty Python’s classic; “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” (we think it would have been hilarious if they used the Penis Song, but this is why we are not scientists). The findings suggests that, when the body has been trained correctly, performance improves by distracting the mind (with positive stimulus) and allowing muscle memory to kick in.

In addition to the mental distraction, music also helps us subconsciously maintain a rhythm when doing repetitive actions – that hectic music in spin class totally makes sense now right? Our brains naturally try to create uniformity in patterns so when we’re doing knee raises to a cheesy 80’s treffer, your brain naturally aims to synchronise the movement with the beat. Unless of course you’re like Carlton, in which case, hayi shame umfana, #KuRough

Turns out keeping your subconscious busy also helps your body cope with pain. In the same way the distraction of music can help your muscle memory kick in, it also helps you divert attention from your bodily awareness.  According to Psychology Today, music helps disrupt the brain’s pain-stress-pain neurological feedback loop. So basically, Beyonce gives you superpowers, which we always knew to be true, but now science has proved it – thanks science!

As the great Gloria Estefan once foretold, the rhythm really is going to get you. Now let’s get the music really working for you.You know what you want to achieve, or you know what vibe you’re looking for, but where do you start?  We’ve read all the sciency bits and trawled the deep into the depths of pop culture and come up with the perfect tunes for your workout, no matter what you’re looking for, we got you covered! We’ll be building on these all the time so in case you haven’t, subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you never miss out!

The “Assault Something” Playlist

The key here is that it’s something not someone.  So you’ve had a k*k day, your phone battery died during the night and your alarm didn’t go off. Speed to work and when you got there your boss gives you the stink eye. Then bladdy Ruaan from accounts wouldn’t stop yammering about  Allister Coetzee and ALL THE THINGS he would do better if he was the Boks coach. We get it Ruaan, you’re a freakin Rugby prodigy and your boundless talent is squandered in this fluorescent-lit office. Mercy.  You spill coffee all over yourself at lunch and got the stinks on your clothes all day, do people just think it’s BO? Are you that smelly person in the office??? The day finally ends and you’re on your way out, all you want to do it get to the gym and moer something, then as the elevator door opens, there is Ruaan, with his stupid face and his phone belt clip, smiling at you. “Yar so that Allister Coetzee ey, he must wake up man…”. You feel your eyes roll back in your head and your fists clench, but then you remember, 15 more minutes and you’ll be at the gym, earphones in, punching bag at the ready and this cathartic playlist coursing through your veins. Sweet, sweet relief…

The “Revenge Body” Playlist

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit “meh” lately, not quite your fab self.  Maybe someone’s been dulling your shine… You know what I mean, but we won’t spend time talking about that good-for-nothing you-know-what, that’s what your girls and a boozy Friday night is for.  We are here to talk about being strong, determined and generally awesome, cos that’s your true state (preach!).  Sometimes you need a Stella-esque experience to get your groove back and sometimes you need a good sweat.  That step machine can be intimidating and those weights can look hella heavy, but you got this. Pop in those earphones, channel your inner diva and remember the immortal words of our Queen Bey, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper” (and killer thighs).

The “Pump It Up” Playlist

Whether you’re the buffest dude at the weight racks or you’re just starting out, those weights are still dayum heavy and they’re not going to lift themselves.  When you need to dig deep and scrape together every bit of strength you can muster, an extra dose of badassery can make all the difference.  Drown out the negativity and that voice saying you can’t do it with this pumping playlist. Let the gains begin!

The Yoga Playlist

Maybe your inner peace is more of a to do list, or you’re thinking about what to have for supper when you should be aspiring to higher levels of consciousness. Perhaps your downward facing dog looks more like a drunk toddler or your “yoga and fitness”  is more “You-gonna finish that cos I’m fittin’ this whole pizza in my mouth”.  Even if you’re a bit nervous about yoga class because you can’t quite trust your farts, we can help quiet that inner voice with the ultimate in tunage for inner peace.

The “Heart Trance” Playlist

Great for a Spin class, this playlists starts off at a steady pace with song one starting at 138 beats per minute (BPM for the EDM kids in the know). Once you’re warmed up we take things up a notch to 142 BPM to really get your heart rate going. Who needs a shirtless Chris Hemsworth when you’ve got this in your ears!

The Youngins Playlist

Now if all of this is a bit boring to you and you still have the metabolism and energy levels of a youthful little sprite (screw you, seriously) then this playlist is for you.  We actually consulted a real life youth for the construction of this playlist, we repeat, WE HAVE ENLISTED THE EXPERTISE OF AN ACTUAL YOUTH ON THE BUSINESS OF YOUNG-ING.  That’s right, this is all the coolest, hip hop and happening, YOLO, hashtag, turnt, covfefe playlist of all time. (We did not have to Google any of that.)



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  • senzi - July 21, 2017

    Hi, please can we have variety of music being played at Your Hillfox gym. I’ve been gyming there since it’s opened and I’ve never heared any house, hip hop or kwaito music being played. I would love to hear more local artists like Cassper nyovest, aka, Riky ricky, Babes wo dumo, black coffee, nasty c just to mention a few as well as more international musicians like the Queen BEYONCE , rihanna, drake, Chris Brown,Kendrick Lamar n all other new n fun music!!! Looking forward to hearing change in your playlist ?

  • Brandon - August 18, 2017

    Beast – Rob baily & the hustle standard

    That power – Will-i-am

  • Nokuthula Nunge - August 18, 2017

    Can we please have Rihanna Wild Wild Thoughts ☺️

  • Jonathan - August 18, 2017

    My tunes:

    Daft Punk – Work It
    Madcon – Beggin
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

  • Rochellee - August 18, 2017

    Please add Summer by Calvin Harris to the playlist

  • Mikela da Rocha - August 21, 2017

    Rose Colored Boy by Paramore; what a workout jam! And also the one and only Kendrick Lemar’s Humble! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Migael - August 21, 2017

    Its different and helen- tell me
    Sloth punch and thmpsn-eyes
    Thmpsn- steamed
    Acdc- dogs of war
    Acdc- stiff upper lip
    And some other rock, thats all thats lacking, thanks!

  • Victoria-Lee Balmer - August 21, 2017

    I would love to hear my new fav songs at the viva Sunningdale gym and maybe add them to all the gyms playlists!
    My top songs for my workout sessions definitely has to be:
    • Justin Bieber & BloodPop – Friends (A new one for the playlist)
    • True Feeling Galantis – The Aviary (definitely got me feeling the workout)
    • J.L.V. – Back to You (love the drop for my workout sessions)
    • LAST but NOT least please add the new 2017 Album called “Shut Up Lets Dance” definitely got some good songs for a good workout!

    Please and thank you ??

  • Samuel Matenchi - August 23, 2017

    Sia – Chandellier
    Kendrick Lemar – DNA
    Kendrick Lemar – Humble
    Eminem – Headlights

  • Nchimunya Munkasu - September 15, 2017

    Jacob banks- Monster
    Yung Swiss ft KO- Jungle

  • Cheryl - November 15, 2017

    Can you please post the Hillfox Cardio Dance playlist, I struggle to find any of those songs.

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